Chico Robinson And SOD Make Summer Anthem

Sound of David (SOD) is the worship team at Philadelphia's Truth Church Worship Center, where worship leader and songwriter Chico Robinson serves as Pastor, and Safe is their new Summer anthem that will have... Read More.

AJ Evans Delivers Debut EP

AJ Evans made a stunning debut into Gospel music with the release of his breakout single, Hooked. A heartfelt expression of faith and adoration to Jesus, the song opened the doors for AJ to... Read More.

New Music From Zak Williams

Keeping Gospel Choirs and Choir music relevant and as a priority in the music industry is a mission of Philadelphia-based choir master Zak Williams. He is the founder and frontman for the Stellar nominated... Read More.

Introducing Dr. Garland Miche Waller

Garland Waller, better known as “Miche,” is a well-known name throughout the Gospel Music industry. He is widely known as the talented musician and producer for Pastor John P. Kee for 25 years but,... Read More.