Simone Biles is a gamechanger in the world of women’s gymnastics. This month, she became the second woman to win her sixth national title. Biles has won multiple gold medals in National and World Championships.

At her most recent competition, Simone became the first gymnast to land a double-twisting double somersault on the beam and on her floor performance. After her floor performance, one commentator said, “Someone give this girl a crown.”

Simone is just focused on giving her very best. In an interview with FTW! Olympics, the gifted gold medalist noted that,”I just fall back on training and try to do what I’ve done. But the thought never really runs through my mind that, ‘Nobody’s ever done this. What am I going to do?’ Which is kind of bizarre! I feel like maybe I should be thinking about that, but I don’t because I’m just so focused.”

In an interview with CBN, Biles shares her faith in the Lord. Biles has setbacks. According to CBN, when she didn’t make a team in 2011, she noted, “I didn’t make National team so I was super upset about that. But I knew that it was God’s way of telling me that I needed to go home, train harder, so that next year I could make it happen so I believe that some obstacles that we’ve had always work out for the better because God knows that without those you wouldn’t be as strong as you are.”