Trend-setting, Billboard chart-topping singer and songwriter William Becton has garnered iconic status in Gospel music. The two-time Stellar Award-winning producer and artist is one of the first gospel artists to take inspirational lyrics and merge them with urban sounds. Becton’s songwriting prowess was proven on his 1995 debut album BROKEN which peaked at #1 on the Billboard Top Gospel Albums Chart and boasted the Gospel radio block-buster single and R&B Top 40 Radio cross-over hit “Be Encouraged”.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of his epic hit song. To commemorate this milestone and to usher in Black Music Month, Becton has released “Be Encouraged 2020 Remix”.

The remix includes the original lead vocals of Cliff Jones and James Washington with Becton. Becton adds the phrase “Keep Breathing” in acknowledgment of the current Covid-19 pandemic and to the racially charged injustices that are impacting our country.

In addition, Becton pays tribute to R&B star and former Temptation the late Ali Ollie Woodson on the remix as it also marks the 10th anniversary of the singer’s death.

“It’s not easy to remix a classic, but my friend and brother William Becton has done it,” states Brother Marlon of The Beat 107.3 radio in Pittsburgh, PA. “This song blessed my life 25 years ago while I was working in mainstream radio and it continues to bless to this day. Ali Ollie Woodson’s vocals add a soul-stirring feel to this timeless song!”

June is Black Music Month which was established to celebrate the African American musical influences that comprise an essential part of our nation’s cultural heritage. Becton’s catalog of albums and hit songs has contributed substantially to the treasured Gospel music genre and is to be celebrated as a vital collection of works in black music. In addition to the “Be Encouraged 2020 Remix”, he will be offering the third installment of his BROKEN series of albums. To complete the trilogy, Becton will release BROKEN 3 later in June.

Becton’s voice and encouraging lyrics are timely for what many are facing in this global pandemic and time of social and racial injustice. Music can breathe life and strength into broken souls and hearts. “Be Encouraged” has been a message of hope for 25 years. Allow this song to continue sparking healing today and share it as an anthem of change for generations to come.