Kierra Sheard visited SHERRI in a daytime exclusive, in which she introduced her baby girl, Khloe-Drew, to the world, discussed her brand new book, KiKi Finds Her Voice, album, ALL YOURS, and shared the news of a brand new Spring tour, I GOT AWAY TOUR.


The book, Kiki Finds Her Voice, tells the story of Kiki as she decides to share her passion for church and god in her school’s talent show after being told by her parents she cannot sing a song with her friends about love. Based on a true story from Kierra’s life, this inspiring picture book helps kids discover how to best use their God-given gifts and what it means to be true to yourself even when it’s not the popular thing to do.

About Kierra Sheard-Kelly

Kierra Sheard-Kelly is a singer, songwriter, actress, and activist from Detroit, Michigan, who looks to express herself and inspire others in everything she does. Part of the next generation of the legendary gospel group the Clark Sisters, Kierra began her solo career in 2004 and has received a GRAMMY Award, multiple Stellar and DOVE Awards. She’s created her own clothing line entitled Eleven60, has a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts and sciences, and works with organizations dedicated to youth and female empowerment. Kierra is also the author of two books for teens, Big, Bold, and Beautiful and The Vibes You Feel, as well as the picture book Kiki Finds Her Voice.