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The fact that you’re here visiting Gospel Mix Radio means that you’re at least somewhat familiar with the ways that music, especially gospel-centered music, can affect your heart and your spirit. Music changes the way our hearts behave towards both God and our brothers and sisters around us. But how does this happen on a practical level? Why do we love gospel music so much, and how can listening to music on a daily basis, like the music streamed 24/7 on Gospel Mix Radio, enrich your life?

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Gospel & Praise Music Can Lift Your Soul 

Call it what you will — augmenting your mood, lifting your soul, or healing your heart (perhaps all three!) — gospel music affects real change in your mind and your spirit. Music has this otherworldly, indeed spiritual, ability to change how we are feeling at any given moment of our lives. Somber songs may help us reflect on our need for God, while upbeat jams make us want to rise to our feet and dance for joy. We believe that God put these responses to things like tempo, rhythm, musical keys, and melodies in us for a reason — it’s the language of the heart and the soul.

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Listening Together Brings Us Together

Whether you’re experiencing gospel music in church on Sunday or streaming it live through your headphones while you’re working during the week, music has a way of bringing people together. While our praise is directed towards God, the practice and experience of gospel music also provide something that forms bonds between us. This is never more true than when you’re experiencing music in a communal format, in the pews at church or streaming on the TV with your family. Even on a small scale, engaging in gospel music together impacts how we live our lives together.

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Listening to Gospel Music Encourages Your Own Praise

When you listen to voices singing beautiful gospel music, it can also serve as a catalyst for your own creativity and voice. The entire book of Psalms is a collection of songs that teach us how to praise — songs of exaltation, reflection, thanksgiving, sorrow, and redemption. When you regularly engage in the gospel music of today, you can in turn be encouraged to find your own voice in the mix. Who knows — maybe you’re meant to end up being the next voice heard by your brothers and sisters on Gospel Mix Radio one day.

Gospel Music Recenters Your Heart On What Matters Most

There’s a lot of noise out there in the world, and it’s all competing for your time and attention. When you allow the joyful sound of gospel music to be a part of what you engage in on a regular basis, it helps all of us recenter our hearts on what matters most in this life — our love for God and our love for each other. Behind the lights and the voices of gospel music are hearts that lean into something — or Someone — greater. And that’s something that’s worth singing about.

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