Music lovers worldwide were saddened by the news of Mandisa’s passing. The soulful singer grabbed the hearts of many when she burst on the scene as a contestant on American Idol Season 5, making it into the top ten. She went on to a successful career in CCM music, winning a Grammy award.  Praise and Worship leader and friend Don Moen shared these sentiments.

The news of Mandisa’s passing this morning was truly a shock. Not only was she a powerhouse of a talent but she also possessed a genuinely kind spirit. We ministered together several times, she sang background vocals on my album ‘Thank You Lord’ and joined me on several tours.

On one particular tour, notes kept appearing in everyone’s bunk on the bus or in their instrument cases. These were encouraging messages like: “You are blessed and highly favored,” or “You’re such a blessing on this tour.” Only at the end of the tour did we discover it had been Mandisa.

Whether behind the scenes or center stage, her presence always brought joy and hope.