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Sometimes it can be very difficult to find the music that you want to listen to. Whether you’re in a place that doesn’t get great reception, you’re traveling and your favorite station is many miles away, or you just need to hear something inspirational and positive but everything on the dial is negative, violent, or worse, don’t fret — there are still a few ways to find a great gospel radio station. 

man holding a saxophone 

Ask Some Friends

One of the fastest ways to find a great gospel radio station is to ask a friend for a recommendation! If you’re traveling, use that as an opportunity to ask someone you don’t know about their favorite station.


A singer and a saxophone player onstage

Use the Internet

Think of the internet as a giant group of people — somewhere, someone is bound to have a great recommendation for a gospel radio station. But be warned, it could take a lot of digging before you find something that really connects with your love of gospel.


Silhouette of hands being raised up in a crowd

Spin the Dial

If you have tried asking people where they get their daily helping of uplifting and inspirational music and you’ve had no luck, you can always just start turning the dial on the radio. There’s no guarantee you’ll find what you’re looking for, but it’s worth a shot!


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If you really want to have the best in gospel with you at all times, you need to get the Gospel Mix Radio app for your smart device. Gospel Mix Radio was designed to provide everyone around the world with access to a nonstop stream of the best, most important, and inspirational music. There’s no substitute for this music and no substitute for Gospel Mix Radio.

Check out the rest of our site to learn more, listen to the live stream, or grab your phone and download the Android or iOS version of the Gospel Mix Radio app to stream the best gospel music available anywhere, anytime! Tune into the Spotlight Night every Friday for some songs from some of the incredible people working in gospel music.