Each week, Gospel Mix Radio presents a live music and personality spotlight on the movers and shakers in the world of gospel music with “Spotlight Night,” hosted by Black Smoke Music founder Mr. Kerry Douglas and co-host Jeff Will. What is it that makes this weekly presentation so exciting to watch and be a part of? Let’s break it down!

singer performing on-stage

Highlighting New Voices in Gospel Music 

Each and every week, Spotlight Night shines a light on some of the newest voices in gospel music, as well as established talents that continue to sing and proclaim the glory of God to the nations of the Earth. There are so many talented singers and songwriters that are just waiting for a chance to be heard, and Gospel Mix Radio’s Spotlight Night is excited to be a platform for these individuals. Every week, you can watch Spotlight Night live or catch the recorded livestream on Mr. Kerry Douglas’ YouTube channel, which features both live and pre-recorded performances from gospel musicians such as Cedric Ballard, Monica Lisa Stevenson, Edwrin Sutton, and many, many more.

two stools around a microphone set up for interview

Interviews With Gospel Music Professionals

Sometimes the stories behind the music can be just as compelling as the songs themselves. Each week, your hosts of Spotlight Night take deep dives into the stories and testimonies behind some of the biggest gospel songs of today with the artists who wrote and performed them. You’ll learn all about the fascinating ways that God has worked in these people’s lives through gospel music. And who knows — you might just learn something about your own journey by learning from the stories of others.

musician playing on a Nord keyboard

New Music Premieres

One of the best parts of Spotlight Night is being able to showcase both live and professionally recorded gospel music performances for a live online audience. You’ll be able to listen in on a conversation with the artist before and after the performances, gaining insight that you just won’t find anywhere else! It’s like having your own personal director’s commentary on the newest, hottest gospel music that is hitting the airwaves today. Discover new gospel music every week that you can enjoy and use to enrich your life and the lives of those around you by sharing what you hear.

worship community gathering

Creating a Gospel-Centered Online Community

Spotlight Night was initially created as a way to come together as a gospel-centered online community in the midst of a global pandemic that saw many of us separated from each other for extended periods of time. But what started out of necessity will continue to grow and expand as an online community of love — both for God and for gospel music. When you catch Spotlight Night live, you can interact in real-time with your comments and share the experience with new friends, both near and far. It’s just one more way we can come together in a world that so often wants to divide us.

We hope that you’ll join us for the next Spotlight Night with Mr. Kerry Douglas and Friends! Stay tuned in to Gospel Mix Radio and follow our social channels so that you always know when to catch the next live episode!