Inspired by the turbulence of the pandemic, social injustices and the collective grief felt around the world in the last year, Mixed Bag Entertainment artist, Joshua Rogers, releases single, “Still Gon’ Trust”, that delivers a heartfelt message of strength, resilience and reminds us how important it is to trust in God.

When Rogers speaks of his motivation behind the song he says, “‘Still Gon’ Trust’ is not just a song or a melody for me, but it has literally become a lifestyle…” He continues, “It serves as a reminder for everyone, especially after 2020, that our hope is not in money or government, but we put our trust in God. So it’s important that we shout all around the world, ‘I’m still gon’ trust in You God!’ It’s God who has kept us this long, and it’s God who we’ll need  to survive.”

When Mixed Bag Entertainment President, Gary Crockett, speaks of Rogers and the news single, he says,

“Throughout history, singers and songs have left an indelible watermark on the pages of our lives, and this one is of no exception. Joshua Rogers is indeed a gifted singer, and amongst his gifts is the ability to touch the hearts of people.  This song is the ideal “Selah moment”.  No one could have ever predicted the series of events that have unfolded around the world with this global pandemic and in spite of the devastating and sometimes debilitating difficulties, we have a resolve to place our trust in the hands of a very capable God who knows exactly what He’s doing. Joshua delivers this message with heartfelt conviction and an unrelenting faith.”

The official music video delivers visual commentary on a range of topics including, Covid 19, Black Lives Matters, family struggles, financial challenges, homelessness and more. Backed by his powerful vocals, ‘Still Gon’ Trust is a song that comforts and inspires.