Jonathan Nelson’s music has inspired many with his career as a gospel singer. However, he recently had his faith challenged when he got a call that his son, Drew, was in an accident. The car was totaled, yet thankfully, his son is fine!

He recently shared about the accident in an Instagram post:

“So yesterday a parents worst nightmare happened to us. We got that ‘call’ that our son was in an accident. We rush briskly to the scene to discover that he was the only one involved, and he was completely coherent. He has a few bruises and soreness but he’s alive and well. All tests came back normal. Paramedics said his vitals are better than Mine. The car is totaled but my son is fine! I was at peace the entire time. While at the scene I kept hearing @travisgreenetv “My son is breathing, my son is living!”

Nelson goes on to say that:

“One thing I know for sure is that the Divine protection of the Lord is real! My son is covered by the blood of Jesus. . Please say a prayer for @youknowdrew.  He has a destiny that will be fulfilled. Now anybody that knows me knows that there’s a dance coming!!!! My dance will crush Satan under my feet and I declare, I’ve got victory!