If there is one thing that is for certain, we then are convinced that we can’t get enough of Betty Griffin Keller. Keller answers the requests for more music with the March 15th release of her new single, Come Go With Me, available for pre order and pre saves now.

The legendary song stylist and former James Cleveland singer wowed audiences on Earnest Pugh’s The Outpour Experience LIVE disc with a remake of her hit from the Gospel Music Workshop of America Mass Choir, The Grace of God. That was followed by So Musch To Thank God For, the lead single from the New Macedonia Baptist Church choir, where she serves as a proud first lady to Reverend Billie Keller and the minister of music. On Come Go With Me, she enlists the services of Bishop Bruce “Sing Bruce” Parham and they get everybody happy about going to heaven. Enon Music Group VP Dr. Garland Miche Waller adds, “Betty Griffin Keller is a singer!” “Her authenticity shines through like a light in the darkness, and she tells everybody she can about the God she serves. Her songs have been a huge part of the official gospel music songbook. People to this day still want to hear You Can Make It and Eagle’s Wings. We are excited about what’s coming.”

Come Go With Me is already at radio and Betty is ready to hit the promotions circuit come late spring.