Many people are familiar with the voice of Hope McCants even if they don’t know her name. Hope has been a permanent fixture leading worship over the years at prominent and premiere Bible conferences, revivals and retreats across the south as well as the east coast of the United States. In addition to being a singer and teacher of the Word, Hope McCants is a very proud mother, minister’s wife, and most importantly, a worshiper who possesses a unique and sensitive gift of leading people to experience the presence of God. As God would now ordain for Hope to take her ministry to the next level, Hope answers the call with the release of her debut single, Hearts Cry.

“I am just glad to be used by God”, says Hope McCants. I was given an opportunity to get close to God in my youth and I feel that He has equipped me to carry out the work He has assigned to me, to fulfill his mission for my life. I don’t mind being the hands by which he touches hearts, the voice by which He speaks peace to troubled minds, I am happy to be chosen to carry His message to people everywhere. Heart’s Cry is a song that is near and dear to my heart. The song came to me as I was seeking God. Our biggest and most urgent need today is God. We need Him, and every day, I am seeking for more of Him.”
Hope McCants can be found doing what she loves, singing and delivering the Gospel to the masses. She serves in ministry along side her husband Pastor Michael McCants as they share in pastoral duties at the East Point Church of the Nazarene In Atlanta, Georgia.

Hope embarks upon a media tour in support of the single release with television and radio appearances scheduled during September and October. Hearts Cry hits digital outlets October 2nd.