In the 1985 hit song,  “The Greatest Love of All,” Whitney Houston sung these words: “I believe the children are our are future, teach them well and let them lead the way, show them all the beauty they possess inside.”

This astute disposition toward the future of young children is being exemplified through the parenting of Dr. Jamal H. Bryant, senior pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, and Real Housewives of Potomac television personality, Gizelle Bryant.

The Bryant’s daughters– Grace, Angel and Adore (twins)– recently became business partners who now own Arizona’s restaurant in Lithonia, Georgia. The restaurant features high quality meats such as  “USDA choice mid-western grain-fed” aged beef, as well as, “handcut” beef and salmon grilled over “natural hickory wood.”

Arizona’s restaurant also features an impressive variety of sophisticated and delectable items on their menu, that range from burgers and salads to lamb ribs and lobster tail.

Dr. Jamal H. Bryant has committed his life to empowering the African-American community not only spiritually, but economically. Bryant and his congregation recently led charitable efforts resulting in 5,000 pairs of brand new back-to-school shoes for Atlanta students. He also spearheaded a campaign for  Bennett College, that resulted in nine million dollars raised to keep the historic institution from closing.

Gizelle Bryant is a successful businesswoman who launched a beauty line entitled, EveryHue Beauty. EveryHue Beauty is a conscientious line which brings the “very best in makeup and tools” through “custom product development.”

Grace, Angel, and Adore are now amongst the youngest restaurant owners in the United States. While celebrating his daughters in the pulpit at his church, Bryant also prayed “over all the children of the community for business opportunities and unfair financial advantage.”

Dr. Jamal Bryant, Gizelle Bryant and their daughters have truly set an example that—hopefully— many other parents will follow. Congratulations to Grace, Angel and Adore!