Entertainment Mogul Tyler Perry graced his first People Magazine Cover this month. 50-year-old Tyler Perry shares that in this new journey on his life, he will leave behind the beloved character Madea. Perry told People Magazine earlier that, “I stayed that course bringing joy and laughter and lifting people,” he says. “It had its purpose and its power. For right now I’m done.”

Perry noted that he is glad to walk away from the great effort put into the costume and that he was done with the technicalities of becoming Madea. “Every bit of it,” he continued. “The glue in the wig, zipping up the dress with how hot it is, everything.” The sharp-tongued elderly character bought Perry over $500 million dollars in theater sales.

However, there is a chance that Madea will come back in the future. Perry noted that it was her character that has allowed him to be able to afford other opportunities, such as the grand opening of his new 330-acre film studio in Atlanta, Georgia.

In the recent edition of People Magazine, Perry opens up about sexual abuse as a child and finding joy as a father. Pick up your issue today and check out the video below.