Dani and Dannah Lane are two sisters, ages 8 and 9, who have become Instagram stars and who find great joy in encouraging the world with messages of faith and hope.  The girls often give their Instagram followers a short sermonette called “Scripture Time” that has garnered thousands of views and re-posts.

The gorgeous two sisters recently became cast members of a new NBC show called “The Kenan Show” that will be airing soon. The show features NBC’s Saturday Night Live star Kenan Thompson also known for his career on Nickelodeon. According to Variety, Dani, 9, will play the role of Emma, Kenan’s good-hearted and naive daughter. Dannah, 8, will play the role of Sophie, Kenan’s “less trusting” daughter.

When the girls received their new television roles, they posted on Instagram the importance of faith by saying, “THIS IS WHY OUR FAITH IS UNWAVERING!! This is why our praises are to God! This is why we believe! Thank you Jesus, thank you to Kenan Thompson, Jackie Clark everyone at @nbc our entire team.”

Just recently the girls encouraged followers to not be afraid of making mistakes. Their post says that mistakes are moments “where you learn how tough you are, how strong, how powerful! That’s where you have the best conversations with God and yourself.” Watch the video, and be encouraged by these sweeties.